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high quality IKO CFE 30-2BR bearing high technology

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NUCF24-1BR∼NUCF30-2BR. 3. 5. 5. 10. 10. 20. 25. 17. 20. 25. 30. 40. 45. 50 unit:μm. D. Nominal outside dia. of outer ring mm. ∆Dmp. Single plane mean outside dia. deviation. VDp. Outside dia. variation in a single radial plane (Max.) VDmp. Mean outside dia. variation (Max.) Kea. Radial runout of assembled bearing

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CFE. CF…W. CF-RU1. CF-FU1. CF-SFU. NUCF. CFS. CFS…W. CR. CRH. Standard Type Cam Follower. Solid Eccentric Stud Type Cam Follower. Eccentric Type CF 30-2 BR. CF 3 BUUR. CF 4 BUUR. CF 5 BUUR. CF 6 BUUR. CF 10 BUUR. CF 10 BUURM. CF 10-1 BUUR. CF 10-1 BUURM. CF 8 BUUR. CF 8 BUURM.

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CFE-1 1/2-SB. CRSBE-24. CFE-1 5/8-SB. CRSBE-26. CFE-1 3/4-SB. CRSBE-28. CFE-1718-SB. CRSBE-30. CFE-2 -SB. CRSBE-32. CFE-2 114-SB. CRSBE-36. CFE-2 1/2-SB. CRSBE-40. CFE-2 3/4-SB. CRSBE-44. CFE-3 -SB. CRSBE-48. CFE-3 1/4-SB. CRSBE-52. CFE-3 1/2-SB. CRSBE-56. CFE-4 -SB. CRSBE-64.

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OA devices as follower bearings for various cam mechanisms and CFS···V. In this bearing, very thin needle rollers are assembled in the outer ring. This product . Solid Eccentric Stud Type Cam Followers. 6to18 mm. Stud diameter. CFES···B. Eccentric Type Cam Followers. 6to30 mm. Stud diameter. CFE···B. No symbol. V.


Cam Follower. CFE···(V)B(UU R). 6~30 mm. An eccentric collar is assembled over the Cam Follower stud, enabling the outer ring to be positioned easily in the 10~30 mm. C-Lube Cam Followers are bearings with prepacked thermosetting solid lubricant (C-Lube) inside. As the bearing rotates, the lubricating oil is

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CF12-1BR CF16BR CF18BR CF20BR CF20-1BR CF24BR CF24-1BR CF30BR CF30-1BR CF30-2BR Discription of IKO Track Follwer Bearing: A cam follower, also known as a track follower, is a specialized type of roller or needle bearing designed to follow cam lobe profiles. Cam followers come in a vast array of different

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Nov 13, 2015 B R CFE … B. CFE …VB R CFE …VB. Sealed type CFE … BUUR CFE … BUU CFE …VBUUR CFE …VBUU. Thrust Disk Type. Cam Followers. CF … W .. CFE. CF…W. CF-RU1、CF-FU1. CF-SFU. 3〜 5. 6〜10. 12〜30. Table 10 Bearings with prepacked grease. With cage. Shield type. Sealed type.

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Fax. : +49 (0)6821-99 98 626. E-mail. : [email protected] U.K. Branch. 2 Vincent Avenue, Crownhill. Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK8 0AB. United Kingdom. Phone .. 6 to 30 mm. Stud diameter. CFE…B. In these bearings, an eccentric collar is assembled with the Cam Follower stud, enabling the outer ring to be positioned easily

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